August 16, 2011: Our Second Installation Is a Warm Community Gathering

On August 16th, we dedicated two more Leaf installations, with 15 Leaves in front of Angeline’s/Opportunity Place, and 11 Leaves in front of the Family and Adult Service Center (FASC), on 3rd Avenue between Lenora and Virginia Streets.

100 people gathered at 2 PM for ceremonies at both Leaf locations. At each location, a final Leaf was laid, with a testimonial from a person who loved them. The name of each person remembered was read aloud and all assembled called out, “We remember you.”

Words of Blessing by Reverend Pat Simpson

60 people stayed for a Reception in the Jennings Room of Opportunity Place and continued sharing memories until 4 PM.

Every person matters. The folks we’re remembering with these new sets of Leaves all made a mark on our community, and all were important. They are (at Angeline’s/Opportunity Place): Sarah Sullivan, April Beachem, Ella Lewis, Annette Anderson, Michelle Jackson, Sharon Kilgore, Melody Rayl, Dinah Lane, Robin Langston, Renee Williams, Irene Giguerre, Tonya “Sonshine” Smith, Delores Beamon, Tessie Comeslast, and Dinetta Williams. At FASC: Robert Teubner, Steven Shropshire, Bud Sears, Timothy Dewitt, Bokary Loum, Thomas Fribley, Brian Reitan, Paul Corgatelli, Hilary Blue, Jeremy Campbell, and Jose Marcos Lucio.

If you have memories or stories to share about these beloved community members please post them as comments on their pages.


Project artist Clark Wiegman installed the majority of the Leaves on 8/14, the Sunday before the ceremony. The final Leaf at each location was installed during the 8/16 ceremony.

Pedestrians stop to look at Leaves being installedJanice & Teri attend Clark's installation 8/14HRP supporter photographs Leaves at FASCClark Wiegman installing Leaves at FASCClark washing Leaves

Clark Wiegman installing the final leaf at Angeline'sRochelle, Angeline's ED, at Angeline's Leaf DedicationCloseup of Leaf for Melody Rayl, with flowerMona Joyner at 8-16-11 dedicationMona & Teri at the FASC dedicationClark Wiegman laying the Leaf for Jose LucioMona laying rosemary at Jose Lucio's Leaf

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