• July 24, 2022 Leaf Dedication, with photos

    On July 24, we moved Leaves that had been covered by a Rapid Ride bus shelter at Third Avenue and Virginia, and added two more. We were blessed to be joined by so many at our Leaves of Remembrance Dedication on Third Ave b/w Virginia and Lenora. Frenchy French’s brothers (Charles and Craig) came over from Walla Walla; Bill Jarboe’s nephew Mark, his high school friend Katie, and many from St. Paul’s Episcopal also made very moving remarks. From Rev. Pat Simpson’s Ritual: “We are gathered here to remember people who were homeless in our community who had a connection to this neighborhood. We recall words from the prophet Jeremiah…

  • City Hall Vigil and Dedication 10-13-21

    Years ago, a Homeless Remembrance Project member/architect told us the water elements outside the Seattle Justice Center, down through City Hall, and to the then-planned Public Safety Building Civic Plaza were meant to symbolize the waters of justice, perhaps after Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech (and Amos:5): “No, no, we are not satisfied, and will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.” Yesterday, WHEEL, Women in Black, the Homeless Remembrance Project, and many friends, family members, faith community leaders and supporters stood vigil. We then travelled upriver through City Hall–from Fourth Avenue to our former vigil site on Fifth–blessing and…

  • Women in Black Winter Solstice 2018: Photos

    We’re thankful so many supporters and friends joined us on the Solstice for our candlelight vigil and ritual. We were blessed by the faith community’s embrace, with participation by Rev. Rick Reynolds of Operation Nightwatch, Patrick Barredo of St. James Cathedral, Father Jeff Gill of Trinity Episcopal, Pastor Kelle Brown of Plymouth Church, Rev. Pat Simpson of U Temple UMC, Rev. Marilyn Cornwell, and Michael Ramos, Executive Director of the Church Council of Greater Seattle. We’re beyond grateful for the partnership and compassionate leadership of King County’s Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Richard Harruff. Our friend Carl was called to create a banner for the vigil, with a carefully handwritten list…

  • Seattle Justice Center Dedication Photos 9/12/18

    We had a very special, very emotional dedication of new Leaves of Remembrance at the Seattle Justice Center on September 12th. Sabrina Tate’s father, Tommi Tate, her mother Kellie Sevier, and a brother drove from Spokane for the ceremony. Her father said, “Now we have a place to come in Seattle to remember.”

  • Ballard Leaf Dedication September 9, 2018

    Sixty people gathered at Ballard Commons Park on September 9, 2018, to dedicate seven new Leaves of Remembrance, for Joshua Edward Thelen, Terry Cunningham, Vernon Maendele, Gregory “Greg” Nichols, Roxanne “Roxy” Baker, Kay De Witt Matteson, and Bevin Rebecca Armstrong.

  • Seattle Central Library Leaf Dedication, August 25, 2017

    On August 25th , 2017 we finally dedicated and laid down 12 beautiful bronze Leaves outside Central Library for book-loving beloved community members. Pastor Rick Reynolds of Operation Nightwatch presided, and we were joined by many friends, supporters, and library staff and denizens. Library staff, we’ve learned, respectfully consider homeless people to be their “daily readers.”

  • Summer Solstice Vigil June 21, 2018

    WHEEL Women in Black stand vigil whenever a homeless person dies outside or by violence in King County. Since 2000, we stood vigil for 830 people. In 2018, the King County Medical Examiner and King County Public Health did an in-depth review of five years of deaths, 2012-2017, and found 162 people who had not been recognized as homeless at the time of their death. WHEEL researched these deaths and found that 82 of them were outside or by violence. These are people we would have stood vigil for at the time of their death, had we known. We chose this special time, the Summer Solstice, to name and honor…

  • DESC Leaf Dedication June 5th, 2018

    On June 5th, we laid ten new leaves in front of DESC to join the 22 leaves already there. Reverend Pat Simpson led the dedication ceremony. Friends and family of the ten remembered chose the placement of the leaves, and then everyone was invited to the community room of the Morrison for refreshment, sharing in a viewing of photos of those being remembered. After the ceremony, as leaves were being installed, a woman came up to one of us and said, “There are more. I have more friends from the Morrison who have died. We don’t have headstones.” That is why we do this. That is why we work so…

  • Pictures of New Leaves in Ballard May 21, 2017

    On May 21st, we blessed and dedicated five new Leaves of Remembrance around Ballard Commons Park. We were graced by the pastoral leadership and support of Pastor Britt Olson and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, and many other supporters and friends.

  • Ballard Leaf Dedication October 2, 2016: Photos

    October 2, 2016 In a moving and powerful gathering, the Homeless Remembrance Project Committee dedicated and laid nine new Leaves of Remembrance around Ballard Commons Park. In the words of our presider, Pastor Britt Olson of St Luke’s Episcopal Church, the ritual embodied “the paradox of how mourning and joy can co-exist.” The dedication was done just after a St Francis Day blessing-of-the-animals in the Park; we were joined by many friends and family members who gave special meaning to the experience. Thank you!    

  • July 29, 2016 Leaf Dedication: Photos

    Friday, July 29, the Homeless Remembrance Project Committee, in partnership with Seattle Mennonite Church, dedicated four new bronze Leaves of Remembrance in Lake City—for Scott Trezise, Eugene Menard, Steve Pond, and Robert Shand.