Jose Marcos Lucio, 1962—1999


Mona Joyner with Jose Lucio’s leaf.

Words by Mona Joyner:

“Jose Lucio was a very honest and dedicated worker through the Millionaire Club.  He never missed work and he always volunteered for more.  He had many friends and was well known in the streets in and around Seattle.  It was with these friends whom he was fighting and when someone pushed him from the I-5 and Mercer Street overpass in Seattle.

These same friends that he would drink with after a hard day’s work, also fought and killed him. 


Yet, not one, would tell me who done it.  His death is listed as accidental on the death certificate, yet an eyewitness told me personally that they killed him.  He just wouldn’t say who they were.

I love Jose Lucio then, now, and forever more.  I will always love him and try to find the one who done this to him.  All they left me with were unanswered questions, and more grief than I can hardly bear.

With this Leaf dedicated to you today, Jose Marcos Lucio I promise you will always still live on in my heart, and I know I went every step of the way with you, almost.

I will always leave a shiny Leaf in my heart that says, “Here lies Jose Lucio.”

You will always be in my heart and on my mind, and I now release you to go about the Father’s business.

Now you belong to him as always, and not to me. 

I have done the best I could in life and death, and now let us find peace together just as we did before.

They only took your body when they killed you, I have your Heart and GOD has your soul.

Love forever and a day.”

Jose’s leaf is placed at Family & Adult Service Center

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