• Leaf of Remembrance for Delores Beamon

    Dolores Beamon, 1949—2004

    In Memory: Dolores Beamon by Cynthia Lee Ozimek Originally published in Real Change On Monday, January 5 [2004], at 6:30 a.m., the body of longtime Hammond House shelter resident Dolores Beamon was found in a Seattle parking lot. While the cause of her death has yet to be determined, it has been theorized that homelessness, poor health and the snowstorm that had brought the city to a virtual standstill all contributed to her sad and unexpected demise. Fifty-four years old at the time of her passing, Beamon was born and raised in the Seattle area and is survived by her mother, her siblings, and many nieces and nephews. Dolores had…

  • Philip Carrasco, 1953—2009

    Phil was homeless off and on for more than 15 years, and was beloved in the Lake City homeless and service provider communities.  He was a Real Change vendor and a veteran, and had spent time at the VA Hospital the week he died.  Early morning on August 5, 2009, Phil Carrasco died by suicide.  He is missed. Phil’s Leaf is at the Seattle Mennonite Church in Lake City.  If you have memories of  Phil to share, please post a comment. Featured Leaf August 2021

  • Walter Connelly, 1956—2011

    Walter Connelly passed away Febuary 7, 2011, while in permanent housing at McDermott Place in Lake City. Walter’s Leaf is at the Seattle Mennonite Church in Lake City.  If you have memories of Walter to share, please post a comment. Photos courtesy of the Seattle Mennonite Church

  • Paul Dale, 1955—2008

    Paul Dale passed away August 9, 2008.   He had been living in his van, in Lake City. Paul’s Leaf is at the Seattle Mennonite Church in Lake City.  If you have memories of  Paul to share, please post a comment. Photo courtesy of the Seattle Mennonite Church

  • Ronald “Pops” Nichols, 1949—2009

    “Pops” Nichols was developmentally disabled and street-slept in Lake City until he got into Community Psychiatric Clinic’s Cascade Hall.  He passed away May 22, 2009 in hospice care. Ronald’s Leaf is at the Seattle Mennonite Church in Lake City.  If you have memories of Ronald to share, please post a comment.

  • Kevin Pellow, 1969—2009

    Kevin Pellow passed away November 11,2009, while in transitional housing in Lake City. Kevin’s Leaf is at the Seattle Mennonite Church in Lake City.  If you have memories of Kevin to share, please post a comment.  

  • Pearl Cahall, July 9, 1912—June 20, 2000

    “I used to sleep in the bed next to Pearl’s. I watched as the procession of nurses and social workers came through trying to move Pearl into another place. They would argue with her and argue with her and leave, one by one. Pearl was an inspiration to all of us homeless women not to accept what people were trying to get us to do if it wasn’t right for us.”    –G., at a July 9, 2000 Memorial Service at Noel House

  • Jeremy Campbell,1975—2009

    Jeremy’s leaf is placed at the Family & Adult Service Center. If you have photos or memories of Jeremy, please post a comment.

  • Debbie Cashio, 1959—2000

    Our very first WHEEL/Women In Black vigil was for Debbie Cashio.  In late May, 2000, we were heartbroken to learn that her body had been found in the “Jungle” greenbelt near 8th and Jackson.  After our vigil, Women In Black did a cleansing ritual at the site.  The Seattle Police Department classified her death as “suspicious” until her murderer was found, and convicted, five years later. Standing in silent meditation at WHEEL’s first Women in Black vigil, I had a strong clear vision of Debbie Cashio, whom I did not know, in a sunlit kitchen, in a farmhouse, happy. Long after the vigil I learned Debbie had grown up and had a happy childhood in a…

  • Tessie Pierre Comeslast, 1956—1999

    “Power dies, power goes under and gutters out, ungraspable.  It is momentary, quick of flight and liable to deceive.  As soon as you rely on the possession it is gone.  Forget that it ever existed, and it returns.  I never made the mistake of thinking I owned my own strength, that was my secret.  And so I was never alone in my failures.  I was never to blame entirely when all was lost, when my desperate cures had no effect on the suffering of those I loved.  For who can blame a man waiting, the doors open, food offered, arms stretched wide?  Who can blame him if the visitor does…

  • Ethel “Cookie” Cooke, 1923—1995

    Ethel Cooke (known by most of her friends as “Cookie” or “Dr Cookie”) died early in the morning of April 17, 1995 at Noel House, 2301 Second Avenue, Seattle. She had been ill with a congestive heart and pneumonia, and chose not to receive medical care when it was offered the night she died, fulfilling her wish to die at “home” and not in the hospital.

  • Ali Daneshi’far (“Al Farr”), 1959—2009

    Al lived at Tent City 3 before moving to Nickelsville. He was a good friend to everyone in camp. He had been a taxi and limo driver at one time, and owned his own painting company before hard times hit him. He loved his daughter and son, Nicole and Alex. Al’s Leaf is placed at the Seattle Justice Center. If you have stories or memories to share about Al please post a comment.

  • Women line up in the alley that leads to Noel House, where the doors will open at 5:30pm. They say they brave the line, even in the rain, to be sure to get a bed for the night.

    Noel Dennis, 1927—1991

    Noel Dennis was one of the earliest residents of the Catholic Community Services Winter Women’s Shelter that grew into Noel House.  She was quiet, but unbelievably generous.  She gathered magazines, clothing, and other things to give to her homeless sisters in the shelter.  She used to sit in the reclining chair in the shelter lobby, and often fell asleep there.  When Noel died on August 4th, 1991, we got a call from the Medical Examiners Office.  Noel had named the shelter as her next of kin.  The women of the shelter later chose to name the program in memory of this precious individual, saying, “we shall always remember her gentle…