• Jackie Ortega, 1952—2004

    Jackie was well loved. She had housing at the time that she died, and was still active at Mary’s Place. A Women in Black vigil was dedicated to her memory. Jackie & her friend Queen are pictured in the 2004 Mary’s Place calendar, December: “We are friends to the end.” Queen and Jackie have helped each other through some difficult spots in their lives, and they’ve come out with a strong friendship and a stronger faith: “God is good. God is great. We are all a product of God’s goodness.”   Featured Leaf December 2013

  • Cynthia Ozimek, 1960—2005

    Cynthia once wrote the following Self Portrait: Cynthia Lee Ozimek was born the daughter of an opera singer and sculptor turned steel worker on May 13, 1960. Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she attended college at St. Petersburg Jr. College in Tarpon Springs Florida and lived in both the state of Georgia and Arizona before moving to Seattle in the early 1990s. Despite suffering the ramifications of homelessness in the literal sense, Cynthia has found great joy, solace and belonging in the community of women where she has resided, on and off, for the past several years. To this end, she has made it her mission, through the written and spoken…

  • Kim Peterson, 1956—2006

    Messing in All God’s Business by Michele Marchand originally published in Real Change Just after Kim Peterson took her last breath, her mother turned to Pastor Pat Simpson of Church of Mary Magdalene and said, “She’s probably up there right now messing in all God’s business.” Kim was always messing in God’s business. She didn’t know the meaning of the words, “Leave well enough alone.” If there was even a minor injustice, Kim would speak up about it. If there was a glimmer of gossip, Kim would know about it, and would share it wherever she went. She was a fighter, until the end. She faced unimaginable and terrifying hardships–the…

  • Cassandra “Cassie” Phillips, 1974—2010

    Cassie Phillips was active in the founding of Nickelsville, in WHEEL homeless women’s organizing efforts, and at the Real Change street newspaper.  In addition to selling Real Change, she was a member of the Real Change Editorial Committee and part of the Real Change Homeless Speaker’s Bureau.  She made jewelry, crocheted and read tarot cards, and she was a published poet.  Many people greatly miss her. Cassie got a room at Jubilee Women’s Center just a few weeks before her death. Her leaf is placed at Noel House.

  • Cecelia “CC” Phillips, 1954—2009

    Cecelia was a longterm member of Noel House who moved into housing.  She’d been living at 1811 Eastlake when she died. Her body was found at 1st & Battery, a few blocks from Noel House. Cecelia’s leaf is placed at Noel House/Bakhita Gardens.

  • Melody Rayl, 1965—2008

      Melody’s leaf is placed at Angeline’s. If you have memories of Melody to share, please post in the comments.

  • Rosetta Richardson, ?—1994

    Rosetta was a dignified lady, with a great sense of humor. She was a longterm member of Noel House. Rosetta died at the shelter in spring 1994. Hers was the first death at the shelter. Rosetta’s leaf is placed at Bakhita Gardens/Noel House. If you have memories of Rosetta, please post in the comments. Featured Leaf February 2015

  • Laura Scovell, 1968—2010

    by Sharon Poole, Community Liaison, Noel House Programs: Not much is known about Laura Scovell and she wasn’t known for making friends. But her presence and impact on my experience working at emergency shelters was very significant. When I think of Laura, I’m reminded of why it’s so important to work on behalf of homeless women. Laura suffered from a mental illness that left her isolated and desperate. During the last several years of her life, it was clear that she spent her days and nights just trying to meet her basic needs at each given moment.   It was easy to get frustrated with the way Laura asked for help…

  • Bud Sears, 1958—2006

    . Bud’s leaf is placed at the Family & Adult Service Center. If you have stories or memories of Bud to share, please post them in the comments.

  • Steven Shropshire, 1949—2006

    Steven’s leaf is placed at the Family & Adult Service Center. If you have memories or photos of Steven to share, please post them in the comments.

  • Sandra Lee Smiscon, 1958—2003

    Sandra Lee was shot to death under a bridge at 4th and Yesler. Her murder was never solved. Sandra’s Leaf is installed at the Seattle Justice Center.  If you have stories or memories to share about Sandra please post in the comments.   From the Yakima Herald: Back into focus: Yakama man pieces together identity of slain mother with faded memories and old photos