Debbie Cashio, 1959—2000

Debbie Cashio after LeafcleaningOur very first WHEEL/Women In Black vigil was for Debbie Cashio.  In late May, 2000, we were heartbroken to learn that her body had been found in the “Jungle” greenbelt near 8th and Jackson.  After our vigil, Women In Black did a cleansing ritual at the site.  The Seattle Police Department classified her death as “suspicious” until her murderer was found, and convicted, five years later.

Standing in silent meditation at WHEEL’s first Women in Black vigil, I had a strong clear vision of Debbie Cashio, whom I did not know, in a sunlit kitchen, in a farmhouse, happy. Long after the vigil I learned Debbie had grown up and had a happy childhood in a small town on Whidbey Island. Her family had often tried to find her here in Seattle and take her back home to that happiness; unsuccessfully, as it so often happens.

~by Michele Marchand, from the article “The Longest Night” originally published in Real Change 12/13/2001

Sandi Adaszewski shared these beautiful photos of her mother with us:

Debbie Cashio’s Leaf is installed at the Seattle Justice Center.  If you have stories or memories to share about Debbie, please post in the comments.

UPDATE: Madison Wade’s coverage of recent developments in Debbie’s case, and Women in Black statement

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