September 11, 2013: Vigil & Dedication at Seattle Justice Center

On Wednesday September 11, 2013, Women in Black will stand vigil at Seattle Justice Center (5th & James) from noon to 1 pm, for nine people whose deaths we just learned about; nine homeless people who died outside or by violence, in the last four weeks.  The vigil will be dedicated to Dan Campbell, a beloved Nickelodeon who died recently in his Small, Simple, Sturdy Sleeping Structure at Nickelsville, amongst his friends and family.

At 1:15 pm, the Homeless Remembrance Project will dedicate four new Leaves of Remembrance at the Seattle Justice Center site.

Please join us to remember those we have lost; to affirm that every person matters;  and to commit ourselves once again to ending homelessness and its tragic costs.

Vigil for:

  • Franklin Hoptowit
  • Debra Matthews
  • Christopher Sutton
  • Dillon Urquhart
  • Van Kendrick
  • Guy Baldwin
  • Sammy Doyle
  • Pauline Wilson
  • Danny Ferguson
  • and dedicated to Dan Campbell

Leaves of Remembrance:


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