Jeanine Whorton, 1967—2013

Jeanine cooking
Jeanine cooking for the Power Lunch
(weekly all-shelter meeting of SHARE)


Jeanine was a sweet and generous soul who worked at the WHEEL Winter Women’s Shelter and volunteered wherever she could help.  Jeanine’s Leaf was placed at the Seattle Justice Center on September 11, 2013.  If you have photos or memories of Jeanine, please post a comment.

Featured Leaf September 2013

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  • Brigid Hagan

    I loved working with Jeanine at the WHEEL Severe Weather Shelter for women. She cared for the women there so deeply! And she had the greatest smile! End of shift was especially fun, as she got excited getting herself ready to go meet her sweetie 😉 She had a huge heart, and was able to find joy in life in spite of having had some truly horrific things happen to her.

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