Christen Beaty, 1973—2017

Christen Beaty, born November 23, 1973,  was found dead near the intersection of 130th and Lake City Way on October 22nd, 2017.  He died just a few weeks after being evicted from his apartment.

His ex-mother-in-law, Debbie, remembers Christen as gentle, tender man.  He was loved!

Pastor Melanie Neufeld of Seattle Mennonite Church says, “He was a gentle giant of a man from the wilds of Alaska where his ex-wife and daughters still live and mourn his passing.  He came to Seattle for treatment 15 years ago and stayed.  He cherished his friends and his mother, with whom he kept in constant contact.  He was always good for a BBQ in the park, a conversation, or an impromptu round of golf.”

Christen Beaty with his daughter

Christen’s Leaf is placed at the Mini Park in Lake City. If you have photos or memories of him that you’d like to share, please post a comment below.

Featured Leaf November 2020

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  • Debbie Simpson

    My favorite memories of Christen are examples of his tenderness and gentleness. He and my daughter lived with us for a while after their first baby girl was born. He bottle fed her when she was being weaned from breast-feeding, and he’d take off his shirt and hold the baby very close against his skin, so he could make it as much like breast-feeding as he could. I can still see big teddy-bear Christen with his shirt off looking down into the eyes of that tiny black-haired baby girl, and her looking back up at him. When his second daughter was born a few years later, he was equally tender and gentle with her, letting her crawl all over him, like the little monkey she was. Christen was also humble – I recall once seeing him iron my daughter’s waitress uniform as she was rushing around getting ready for work. He was so kind and gentle, and the world is a harsher place without him in it.

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