Jesse Vestal, 1974—2017

Jesse Vestal:  December 12, 1974 – July 2017

From Pastor Melanie Neufeld, Seattle Mennonite Church:

“Jesse was originally from Gold Bar, where his young children still live.  He was a gentle and generous presence on the streets of Lake City.  He was an easy conversationalist; this coupled with his honesty and trusting nature made him an easy person to love and appreciate.  We celebrated his getting into an apartment–which he often didn’t think he deserved–and grieved when he died mere weeks after getting keys to his new place.”

Jesse’s Leaf is placed at the Mini Park in Lake City.  If you have photos or memories of Jesse you’d like to share, please post a comment below.

Featured Leaf December 2018

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  • allviolet

    Jesse was a kind, funny, generous person who happened to be homeless. I had the privilege of getting to know Jesse while working in the Lake City neighborhood, where he lived. Over the 3 or so years that we got to know each other he confided in me a lot about his life and his family, especially his two sons who he loved and was so proud of. He was at his happiest talking about his children, at his saddest when during the holidays he vented to me about not being able to buy gifts for them.

    I always looked forward to talking with Jesse when our paths would cross. He left a greater impression on me than I realized… and I regret not telling him this when he was around to hear it. He is so very missed.

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