Billi Jean Paulsen, 1964—2013

Billi Jean Paulsen


Billi Jean Paulsen, loved daughter, sister, and mother passed away May 8th, 2013. Born and raised in Seattle, she touched the lives of many.

Billi Jean’s Leaf is located at Seattle Mennonite Church. If you have photos or memories of Billi Jean, please post a comment.


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  • Hannah Olufs

    Billi and I had children attending AS#1 (K-8) at the same time. We reconnected some years later at a Thanksgiving meal.I saw her now and than, and she said she would bring old year books for us to look at together. I never saw her again. Whatever took place between her and her kids, I do not know. What I do know is that she loved being a mom, and dearly loved her children. If any of her children would like to contact me, I am on Facebook.

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