Arleta Burbach

Arleta May Burbach, 1929—2012

As written by her son Keith:  Arleta was born in Fort Morgan, Colorado on a potato farm. She grew up through the Depression and World War II – a real survivor.  At the age of 15, at a malt shop in Fort Morgan, she met Raymond Burbach, whom she married.

After having her first son, Eugene, she started work at Bell Telephone as regional manager and supervisor of operations, which was complicated memory work.  After her son Keith was born she retired and became a housewife; she divorced five years later and moved to Seattle to live close to her sisters. Keith and Eugene moved with her.   She worked at a drug store, Boeing, and as a nurse to the elderly – a full life.   She became sick with cancer before she passed.

After having experienced homelessness, she got an apartment at Rose of Lima House in Belltown.  She loved to knit/crochet and her handiwork was perfect and meticulous.  She loved art and was gifted in mathematics.  She is predeceased by her son Eugene, who died in Vietnam as a Green Beret.

Arleta’s Leaf is located at Seattle Mennonite Church in Lake City.

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