Monica Erickson, 1949—2012


Monica’s friend, Sheri, with Monica’s Leaf.

From Teresa Reeves: Remembering our friend Monica Erickson

I wrote this song in tribute to Monica on February 23, 2012  at Antioch University Seattle within an hour after I had learned of her passing. I was asked by the Women’s Education Program Coordinator, Phoenix Raine, to sing my version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” in her honor.   She had been a long term regular at the Women’s Education Program Breakfast on Thursday mornings.   She was an accomplished artist — Everyone loved her art.  She liked my songs.  I was proud that she thought of me as her friend.  We all miss her every day.

She Was An Artist

She was an artist
But she transcended reality
Found a rainbow in the darkness
She was setting people free

She could paint the better pictures
Of a brighter world that only she could see
But she would share with you
Her rainbow vision of the artist and her dream

She’s loosened the bonds that tethered her to the earth
And it’s only when she’s gone that we begin to know
What she was really worth

But to say that you knew her
Is to know how much it hurts to lose her
You didn’t have to beg to be her friend
Your value had already been proved to her
We cry out in sorrow when we remember
How so very much we’d been moved by her.

She was an artist
Who took her heart into her hands
She could can shape and love her vision
Of starcastles made of sand

But when the tide came rushing in
To wash all her castles away
She stood so strong against the breakers
That caressed her castles made of clay

Now she’s cut the ties that bind her
To this life and to the living
We were the ones so truly blessed
By all the love that she was giving

But to say that we knew her
Is to know how much it hurts to lose her
And we can shout out in joy because
We know the reason why God would choose her

She was an artist whose song had been unsung
Her kind words like bells with chimes so brightly rung
May her memories last forever
And may her song be forever and ever sung
May her hopes and her cares that she had shared
Remain in our hearts with love forever young!

She was an artist and she was our friend!
May her love and memories of the artist and her dream
Last forever and never, ever end!

(c) 2012 Teresa Ellen Reeves,  Wings of Remembrance

Monica’s Leaf is located at Noel House/Bakhita Gardens.  If you have photos or memories of Monica, please post a comment.

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  • Brigitte Ebert

    Monica was a precious friend and part of our Noel House Knitting Group, which she attended regularly. She was not only one of the most artisitic people I have ever met, but her repertoire of knowledge about all things were facinating. She shared many stories with me while crocheting her heart out to make gifts for everyone she knew. She was so kind, thoughtful and giving with her crafted projects, smiles, hugs, or small gifts like a beautiful, red fall leaf she found on an autum day and gave to me because it reminded her of my red hair. I still wear the crochet hat she made me with pride and it always gets me noticed on the bus because of its bright color and unusual design.
    I remember one of the last lengthy conversations we had. It was around the time of the St. Patricks Day parade. She remembered how things used to be. Back then the parade was hours long, and the bagpipers came from far and away to attend and play their beautiful songs. Monica knew every detail of those unusual instruments, every part and what it did and how. It was fascinating! I asked her that day how does she know all these amazing things, and she told me that there was never any money to do anything like travel or experience things first hand, but the library had free books. Monica loved getting these free books and spent her time reading about the world and things she dreamed about doing. I’m still in awe how one person can remember so much and tell about it with such interest and joy.
    I so miss our conversations and her presence during knitting group. I will never forget this intelligent, caring, wonderful woman for as long as I live.

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