Zackary Morris 1990—2022

From his mom:

“Zack was only 31 years old when he died.  He was the third child of four, and had two brothers and a sister.  We all loved him so much and worried about him.  We all tried to help Zack but just didn’t really know how.  Zack had a heart of gold.  He would give the shoes off his feet to anyone who needed them more than he did.  We tried giving him clothes, blankets, etc., but he would always just give them away to another homeless person.  He always had a smile and was happy growing up.  At the end his smile was going away and the light in his eyes was dimming.  We all love him so much.”

Zackary’s Leaf is on the 4th Avenue side of Seattle City Hall.   If you have photos or memories to share please post a comment.

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