September 24, 2014: Vigil and Leaf for Daryl Ford

Women in Black are standing today in honor and memory of Daryl Ford, 49.  Our hearts are with all of his family and friends.  He was stabbed to death on May 22nd—his body was found in a shopping cart near South Othello Street.  As widely reported, a suspect is in custody for this murder.

What’s not been reported is the real human story of the victim of this terrible murder.

WHO WAS DARYL M. FORD?  According to his older sister Connie, he was a cool, friendly, and outgoing man who always went out of his way to make people smile. He was a talented gymnast who enjoyed the simple things in life, especially ice cream.  Mr Ford was the baby of his family and was very close to his sister, who is devastated by the loss of such a wonderful friend and brother. He was loved, and will be dearly missed

After this Vigil, we will dedicate a Leaf of Remembrance for Daryl Ford.

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