Angeline’s Day Center and Bakhita Gardens Leaf Dedications, August 27, 2014

On August 27, 2014, we laid new leaves to honor Lori Dillon, Jennie Wilcox, and Anna “Soso” White at Angeline’s and Lynda Van Sant and Joyce Van Hollebeke at Noel House/Bakhita Gardens. Below are photos from the ceremonies.

Angeline’s staff person.
Anna “Soso” White’s friend at Angeline’s.
Anna “Soso” White’s friend with Anna’s Leaf.
Comfort and sorrow at the Angeline’s dedication
Gathering together at Bakhita Gardens.
Joyce Von Hollebeke’s sister Eileen at Noel House.
Pastor Kelle at Angeline’s.
A crowd gathers around Leaf-Affixer Doug.

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