Scott Adair Trezise, 1970—2016

scott-treziseScott’s Leaf is placed at Seattle Mennonite Church in Lake City. If you have photos or memories of Scott, please share in a comment.

Eulogy given by Pastor Jon Neufeld at Seattle Mennonite Church on March 6, 2016 

Scott was born in Seattle on March 6, 1970. As today would have been his 46th birthday, it is somehow (oddly) fitting that on the same date we said “hello” to him, we are now saying “goodbye.”

Scott, the son of Daryl and Karen, had two older sisters—Julie and Tiffany. He spent his early life in Lake City, moving to the Kenmore area in 1974 where he attended school, graduating in 1989 from Inglemoor High School.

During his childhood, Scott enjoyed various activities with his family, including camping, boating, skiing, and even marched with his sisters in the Lake City Kiddies Parade when he was three. He took organ lessons, played on a little league baseball team, and, most of all, loved to ride his bicycle. Like most growing boys, he loved to eat—after all he was feeding a body that would grow to be 6’3”.

Scott loved animals—cats and dogs as family pets, and in the last few years always made sure he had sufficient dog food for the “pet” raccoons at his former campsite.

Scott loved a good game of backgammon or chess, and he was a fierce challenger to anyone who would play with him. He was very fond of cars and had a total of 36 in all. He could always tell you what make and year they were, when he got them, how long he had them, and what he paid for them.

Scott worked at various jobs, from dishwashing—which started when he was in high school—to trying to start his own car-detailing business. He was a truck driver for several years for two non-profits.

During the adult years that he lived in Lake City, Scott made many friends. While the life that followed was a norm different from his childhood, it was a journey that gave him strength to endure circumstances and experiences of all kinds.

Scott had a great sense of humor and loved to laugh and tease. He was kind and gentle, just a big ol’ “teddy bear” at heart.

We will miss him deeply.

Eulogy by Pastor Jonathan Neufeld, Seattle Mennonite Church

Featured Leaf August 2016

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