Leaf Dedications at Angeline’s and Bakhita Gardens, August 28, 2013: Photos

On Wednesday, August 28th, we laid down six Leaves in Belltown, at Angelines and at Bakhita Gardens.  The Leaves are in remembrance of Karen Camy, India Valdez, Sarah Fraillon, Roxanne McDonald, Charlene Downey & Monica Erickson.

Andie and Sheri at Angeline’s.
Angeline’s gathering.
Angeline’s gathering.
Angeline’s staff laying Leaf.
Array at Angeline’s.
Doug replacing a mis-spelled Leaf.
Handmade sign at Angeline’s.
Karen Camy’s friend and Karen’s dog.
Pastor Linda leading dedication.
Reception and Bell Street Boulevard.
Ruanda with Karen Camy CD.
Words and tears shared.
Sheri with Monica’s Leaf.
Teresa singing a song for Monica.
Tracy with Monica’s Leaf.

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