Lantz Rowland 1956–2017

Lantz was born January 10, 1956 and died December 31, 2017. He was an iconic leader in the SHARE community. He lived at Tent City 3 for many years and had several roles in SHARE including member of the elected Board. He was very politically astute, which influenced the choice of location for his Leaf.

Lantz’s Leaf is on the 5th Avenue side of Seattle City Hall. If you have memories or photos of Lantz, please post a comment.

Featured Leaf January 2022

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  • Tracy Arant

    I knew Lantz for several years. When I was no longer at TC3, I’d see him all over downtown and he always had a good word. He was a wonderful person, and he will definitely be missed by myself and the homeless community. I hope he’s resting in peace. He deserves to be. He was an excellent spokes person for the homeless folks.

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