Lacresha Bolar 1987–2020

Lacresha died under the 4th Avenue South bridge on December 5, 2020. She was beloved at Angeline’s and many other places. Women in Black stood vigil for Lacresha on December 30, 2020.

From Lisa Kelly: “Lacresha spent much of her childhood in the foster care system where she was separated from her siblings who she loved very much. She also loved her mother and her daughter who was born while she was in the foster care system. She fought hard to be with and visit her siblings, taking her case manager to the Washington Court of Appeals. She fought hard to keep custody of her daughter. She fought hard out of love and a desire to remain connected with her family. Mostly I want people to know she was a sister, a mother, a daughter.”

Lacresha’s Leaf is on the 4th Avenue side of Seattle City Hall. If you have memories or photos of Lacresha, please post a comment.

Featured Leaf December 2021


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