Kenny Stoddard, 1964—2013

From Jerri Stoddard: “He was a very kind man; “He helped everybody.”

Kenny’s Leaf is at Ballard Commons. If you have photos or memories to share, please post a comment.


  • jerri stoddard

    I love and miss my husband every day.We would of been married for three years on 8/18/2013.He loved boating, skiing,dirt bike riding,and working on cars.He would go to golden gardens everyday without fail.except for when we were in tonasket wa,visiting with our grandparents.He loved our dogs buddy and mary and our cats mishca,fancy and spike.we would always be together doing something.He was my bestfriend since we were 15 years old.and he was the love of my life,we were soulmates.He took care of me when i was sick he went to all my dr.s appointments.And even before he died he told me he loved me and he would never leave me.he comes and visits often he gives me special reminders of our life together.he will touch me so gentlely and i’ll turn around and no one is there.I know he gives me strenghth everyday to be the best person i can be.It was so funny he had the nickname for years of being noshow and then the last four years he was no longer noshow he finally showed up.he was a coparent with me even though he wasnt their daD BUT ALL MY KIDS KNEW THEY COULD ALWAYS COME TO him and he would guide them in their jerneys in their lives.I am very thankfull for the time we had,i miss him every day and night,but at least i got to feel real love with him.and knowing someone was there for me to lean on.He gave with all he had and then some.He gave with his life and in death he gave the gift of sight and organs.He was so proud of his firepit he made for my grandparents when we were there he would love having fires at night and sitting there with george,tippy,buddy and mary all were dogs that worshipped him.i love you.i miss you.

  • jerri stoddard

    its been a year now as of1:45a.m.i miss your smile and your love and i miss your popeye look when you brush your hair.i love you with my heart and soul.i cherish our love forever it was a one of a kind that only happens once i am truely glad it was with year has been such a whirlwind and i haven’t fully greived for you.when we laid your leaf i was given a teddy b ear whom i sleep with everynight.i miss the love shack that we had.and when we would take naps togetherbefore we were heart yearns for you every day.

  • jerri stoddard

    I still miss kenny alot and i’m still trying to grieve for him.just the other day i thought about giving him a call just to hear his voice again would be great.every once in awhile his spirit comes to visit me whether it is pulling the back of my chair when no one else is around.or recently he cupped my foot over the covers and i always get a warm feeling when that happens.recently i was hospitalized over night for many medical conditions i was hospitalized on 12-23-2014 and god gave me a miracle on christmas eve to change all my vital signs back to normal and i got to go home .i didn’t understand my illness at the time until i looked it up and found out i was on the verge of cardiac arrest the dr. even agreed it was weird now i’m getting better.i guess its not my time to be with him yet and i have a renewed sence of peace and wanting to make the best of my life and cherish my family.i love you kenny forever

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