Jeffrey Parker Bouck, 1967—2014

Beloved Real Change vendor, former fisherman, found under Ballard Bridge.  His wife was Karen Lee Pedersen, whose Leaf was originally at Real Change.  Karen’s Leaf has been moved to Ballard next to Jeff’s.

Jeff was good friends with Kenny and Jerri Stoddard; he stayed the night with Jerri after Kenny died.  (A community of friends!)

Jeff’s Leaf is at Ballard Commons. If you have photos or memories to share, please post a comment.


  • jerri stoddard

    I miss jeff and marvin and kenny everyday.I was the keeper of the misfits.They always met us with a hug and va smile.And no matter what we seen them everyday at onetime or another.I am so glad that god let them into my heart .I wouldn’t trade any of my memories of me and jeff sitting in our car with the radio blaring and me and jeff singing for hours to country music,or us sharing a meal.or them walking buddy and mary.They were loved by me,i looked after my brothers and they looked after us.they are forever in my heart and soul.

    • Atul

      Just found out that Jeffrey, my favorite cormtepany author has passed away. I am in shock. His audio books, and books make me feel like I’ve lost a friend I never knew. His beginning of the Magic room now, is so touching as I listen to the audio version. 99 percent of my readings are books before 1923..being introduced to Jeffrey’s writing was such so refreshing because his books I could share with my church friends which is not the case in so many current authors. My hearts go out to your whole family. 10/2012

  • jerri stoddard

    I was very honored on sunday to be able to arrange and pick the place where kenny,karen,jeff,and cecil were put together in the shape of a rainbow.I miss jeff so much he always no matter what had a smile on his face.and a song or two to sing with me.And he always was telling me and kenny how much love that we had for each other that really shined through every day and how he missed that love with karen,but now they are together again for eturnity.Jeff was so proud of his daughter and that she was going to college Iwas most honored that I got to meet his daughter when she came to seattle,jeff made a point to come find me so i could meet her.There isn’t a day that goes by that i don’t remember all of my homeless friends outthere and ask god to watch over them.I love you jeff and miss you my brother.

  • Megha

    My immediate rotcaien to this tragic event was to say but I was just WITH him. Jeff and I had become friends in Oklahoma City during an NSNC convention we shared a cab and wound up talking to each other at the event. And it was just a few months ago that I saw him in San Francisco at a book convention we instantly reconnected and talked about marketing books, the change in the industry, all of that sort of stuff. I felt that I had found a friend and was looking forward to crossing paths with him. And then I got word in the worst way, a passing reference on Facebook. I just couldn’t believe it.Life can sweep you up in its winds we went into production on a film; I became too busy to post anything here, but I was smart enough to sign up for notifications and have been tracking all the wonderful memories and tributes to the great man that was Jeff. My heart goes out to his family and friends. This is such a heartbreaking loss.

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