Gregor Talbot 1972—2023

From his friend Gabriella Duncan:  Gregor was an activist for the homeless, an artist and a creator.  Gregor cooked for a lunch we had been a part of in Issaquah, between battles of struggle.  He lived with me in the home others provided me with.  I have also been homeless.  We worked on his housing and treatment.  He lived predominantly in Beacon Hill and Cheasty when he wasn’t living with me.  Gregor passed in December 2022 but was found in January 2023.  He died of exposure.

Gregor’s Leaf is on the 4th Avenue side of Seattle City Hall. If you have photos or memories to share, please post a comment.


  • Tracy Arant

    I first met Gregor when I lived in TC3. We hung out sporadically, but always made time for a kind word to each other. Most recently while I was working graveyard shift, he would message me and we would talk while I was working. He was unable to sleep sometimes. The nights are going to be lonely now. He always had a joke to share or something funny to break up the monotony. I’m going to miss him.

  • John Nanney

    Tracy, thanks for all of the efforts you have made on behalf of so many. Your kindness has been and will always be needed and appreciated by the many recipients. You always have a place in my heart. John

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