Curtis Allen Robinson 1971–2021

Curtis was born April 7, 1971. He died at age 50 in the 6th and Cherry camp under the freeway.

From the Women in Black vigil for Curtis and 14 others, June 9, 2021.

Curtis’s Leaf is on the 5th Avenue side of Seattle City Hall. If you have memories or photos of Curtis, please post a comment.


  • Loreli Cheney

    Curtis was my boyfriend for almost five years I was so mean to him though oh my God I just want him to come and see me so bad you know Curtis will never ever put his hands on me there’s mean as I was to him I can’t believe he’s gone I miss you so much Curtis you should have left that night I should have waited at your should have waited at your spot for you but I was too stubborn I miss you so much

  • Tina clark

    Loreli loves you and misses you so much. You were her angel. Her only one. You are an awesome soul for loving her unconditionally.

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