Photo of Zack

Zachary “Zack” Cailing Sr. 1977—2018

Photo of ZackZack’s Leaf is at Ballard Library. Zack died outside the Market Street 7-11 on 10/11/18.  His memorial was held in Bellingham. Memorial Page

Grandma Arlene, Aunt Crystal and Zack’s niece stood in our Women in Black vigil with us on 11/7/18. They were at Ballard Library for the dedication of his Leaf, also his partner Rondine Allison and their three children.

Zach Cailing

Zack's Leaf

Photos from Zack’s partner Rondine Allison:

If you have photos or memories of Zack, please post a comment.


  • Rondine Allison

    R.I.P. Zack The kids and I miss you soon much. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. I have your pictures every where in my apartment. Sometimes I’m just sitting here beading and a funny thought of you appears and I find myself sitting here laughing out loud alone. Other times I just break down and cry so hard that I think I’m going to run out of tears. I miss you so much Tell my mom and dad I said hello

  • Rondine Allison

    Dear Zack,

    Our daughter just turned 15 years old…
    OMG! She’s beautiful But then again you already know this On her birthday I sent her a picture of you and her the day she was born. I told her how I use to tease you about you leaving me the day she was born …. She got a kick out of that story God! How I miss you so much

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