Wes Singletary III, 1970—2009

Wes was known and loved in the SHARE community. The SHARE Power Lunch requested a Leaf of Remembrance for him, to be placed at the Seattle Central Library because, as his friend Lantz Rowland said, “I STILL look for him there every time I go there.”

Wes was an accomplished cook, and loved books and acting.  He faithfully prepared food for the SHARE Power Lunch for many, many months, and made a point of making chef-quality meals for his compatriots.  One of his specialties was chicken almondine.

Wes died by suicide June 2009 from Aurora Bridge.

If you have photos or memories of Wes, please comment.


  • Jack E Moore

    I remember meeting Wes in a meal line in Downtown Seattle and we shared a mutual love for the Arts and I’m fortunate to have been able to call him My Brother. Even though I’ve only just found out today he’s gone, I still look for him too.

    • beinaj

      Knew Wes when he was in high school in North Carolina but lost him over the years. Are there any photos of him in Seattle…..maybe cooking in the group kitchen? Wes always made his own choices and I respect him for that but I am still sad that he’s gone.

      • LeafAdmin

        There are no known photos of Wes, we’re sorry to say. He was SO proud of his chicken almondine–I remember vividly his serving that to his comrades at one of our Power Lunches. Thank you for your remembrance.

        • YouKnowWho

          I always wanted to tell you I was sorry for stealing Amy away from you in 1987. I handled it poorly, and I actually had searched for you before to apologize. I can only hope you know that I did–and still do–hold her close in my heart and that my love for her is what made me such a psychopath back then. Foolish youth I suppose. I will call your name out to the Gods Wes, I swear it.

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