Sabrina Tate, 1990—2018

Sabrina died in a SODO RV lot at the age of 27. She was beloved, and is survived by her parents and two sisters.

Photo from the Seattle Times.

From a Seattle Times article on Sabrina and her death:

“Growing up, Sabrina was sweet and shy. She loved animals, played the violin… She was a sweetheart… loving and good.”

Sabrina’s Leaf is placed at the Seattle Justice Center. If you have memories or photos of Sabrina you’d like to share, please post a comment below.


Sabrina Tate's Leaf


  • Pina Colada

    I saw Sabrina’s video dated 2013 on YouTube, and I was deeply sadden to learn her fate…Rest easy now,Sabrina. I visited Seattle the same year you passed, while on shore leave working aboard a merchant vessel. How depressing it was for me to learn that beneath all the glamour of the Seattle City, there is so much unveiled sorrow and grief.

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