Milan “Lee” Lattan 1948–2019

Milan “Lee” Lattan January 15, 1948 – July 11, 2019

Milan’s Leaf request came from both his niece, Maggie Deitsch, and Pastor Jonathan Neufeld of Seattle Mennonite Church.

From Pastor Neufeld: “One of our oldest and dearest friends passed away. He had been around God’s Li’l Acre for at least a decade, and operated more like a volunteer, generously giving his time to hosting, cleaning up and helping the drop-in run at its best. I suspect he was also known in other day centers and ministries. He passed away due to heart complications, while staying with a friend.

“Lee was the consummate volunteer – for years – he would come to the drop-in and designate a morning to managing the kitchen, cleaning, orienting people and supporting the staff. He was always in the community as a servant and helper. His care-giving and protective Spirit was also how he was known and remembered, in Lake CIty and in other areas he had connections. He was honest with me (Jonathan), serving on the evaluation team of my work – and helping me grow personally in my vocation – letting me know when things were going south and offering me a course correction. He was a creature of habit and routine, and could readily be found taking his personal time – in a Ballard coffeeshop – reading the paper and taking time for himself.”

Milan’s Leaf is placed at Lake City Mini Park. If you have photos or memories to share, please post a comment.

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