Major Lee Gay, 1957—2008

Leaf of Remembrance for Major Lee Gay 1957-2008

He was shot to death September 11th 2008. His body was discovered off an access road near the 1100 block of South Atlantic Street.

“Things are changing thanks to you. People are taking notice. I didn’t know you all that well. But you deserve honor.”

Major’s Leaf is installed at the Seattle Justice Center.  If you have stories or memories to share about Major please post in the comments.

Featured Leaf September 2014


  • Debra

    I learned alot from this man throught out the years I knew him. He was a very kind and gentle man, never bothers anyone. I am greatful to say I knew Major. He will continue to be in my thoughts as I continue my life, as he would would be very proud of my accomplishments.

  • Wendy

    I also learned a great deal from this man, he always looked out for others and although we all have our own struggles out there he was always there to support others and help when needed. You are missed, too bad you had to so soon, I will never forget you. A true friend always

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