Lorraine Wong, 1967—2015

Women in Black Vigil
Lorraine’s sisters with Rev. Pat Simpson at the Women in Black vigil for Lorraine.

Leaf of Remembrance
Lorraine’s Leaf is placed at University Temple United Methodist Church. If you have memories or photos of Lorraine, please share in comments.


Featured Leaf May 2023

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  • Rev. Pat Simpson

    Lorraine spent her days around our church in the University District. On weekdays she would often sit in the chapel, light a candle, and spend time in meditation. Sundays she was part of Emerald City Metropolitan Community Church’s service in the chapel. It was in that room that she fell ill, leading to her death many days later at the hospital. I pray Lorraine knew the arms of God were around her in that quiet place that was her refuge from the street.

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