Robert Hansen with Real Change

Leaf Re-Dedication June 11, 2019

At 3 PM Tuesday, June 11th at the Columbia City PCC (3610 S Edmunds), we’re re-laying and re-dedicating a Leaf of Remembrance for beloved Real Change vendor Robert Hansen.

This Dedication has long been in the works, and is a beautiful story: Robert’s Leaf was first laid in 2011 at the Seward Park PCC, where he’d been a much-loved vendor for many years. When the store moved to Columbia City, Robert’s Leaf was requested to move with it! It took us some time to navigate the bureaucratic permitting processes, but we’re very glad now to be able to honor this request for Robert’s Leaf to be placed outside “his” PCC.

At least six other Dedications of Leaves will be scheduled this summer/autumn, including (we hope!) at two new host locations. Stay tuned!

Thanks as always for your solidarity and support!

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  • Kelly

    YAY, thank you! I considered Robert a good friend. Once in a while he would ride on my bus I was driving, and I’d get a paper from him when I went shopping. I bawled my eyes out when I heard he’d passed. I’ll go visit his leaf next time I’m back in Seattle.

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