Leaf Dedication Sunday July 24, 2022

YOU’RE INVITED to THE HOMELESS REMEMBRANCE PROJECT’s first “Leaves of Remembrance” Dedication of the Season!

Sunday July 24, 2022
2 PM

We’re MOVING Leaves at 2015 Third Avenue from under the Rapid Ride stop and ADDING two Leaves  for James “Frenchy” French and William “Bill” Jarboe!

Since 2003, The Homeless Remembrance Project (organized by WHEEL) has created places of hope, healing, & beauty to honor/remember homeless people who’ve died in King County. The Project has two parts: A beautiful “Tree of Life” sculpture and gathering place at Victor Steinbrueck Park (north of Pike Place Market), and “Leaves of Remembrance,” with names, on sidewalks throughout the City.

PLEASE JOIN US TO WITNESS & CELEBRATE the July 24th re-dedication of 11 “Leaves of Remembrance” for Robert Teubner, Steven Shropshire, Bud Sears, Timothy Dewitt, Bokary Loum, Thomas Fribley, Paul Corgatelli, Hilary Blue, Jeremy Campbell, & Jose Marcos Lucio, and new Leaves for Frenchy French & Bill Jarboe.

Please visit www.fallenleaves.org pretty soon for stories and photos!

For more information:

(206) 956-0334 or email wheelorg@yahoo.com

Websites: www.fallenleaves.org & www.homelessremembrance.org






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