Leaf Dedication at University Temple United Methodist Church, September 25, 2015

We dedicated and blessed two Leaves of Remembrance at University Temple United Methodist Church on September 25th, for John Read Avery and Lorraine Wong. We were honored to be joined by many from the University Temple ministries (the Friday Feast, the Thrift Shop, the Urban Rest Stop, ROOTS, the Needle Exchange) and by Emerald City Metropolitan Community Church. Childhood friends of John Read Avery and many who knew Lorraine Wong joined us and shared stories and memories of the beloved and real people they lost—too young—to homelessness.

John Read Avery’s childhood friends, Jim and Ron.
Pastors Pat Simpson of U Temple UMC and Brian Hutchison of Emerald City Metropolitan Community Church preside.
Gathering to dedicate Leaves for John Read Avery and Lorraine Wong.
The U Temple Thrift Store ladies listen to the blessing.
Pastor Brian Hutchison.
Jim and Ron, John Avery’s friends, share stories.
John Read Avery’s Leaf.
Lorraine Wong’s Leaf.
Homeless Remembrance Project Leaf Affixer Doug Hobkirk (known as our Glue-Down Guy) does his work.
John’s Leaf is affixed.

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