Karen Camy, 1958—2013

Karen Camy, was a writer and a poet and one of the co-founders of the original Antioch Women’s Education Project (AWEP) Women Writer’s Group in the Spring of 2006. This led to the creation and publication of the first AWEP ‘Zine, a magazine of poetry, prose, songs and art on December 7, 2006.

Some of Karen’s poetry from that ‘zine:

Ma Ma

writer-babyYou taught me kindness
To consider one & all
You taught me how to raise myself up
Any time I stumble & fall
You showed me patience
Helped me to understand
Myself as well as others
My sisters & my brothers
You gave me confidence
So I can be just who I am

Mama, oh my mama
Mama, oh my mama
Blessed am I to be your child
Mama, I am blessed to be your child

Mama, within your body
I was formed
Your arms were the first to hold me
The moment I was born
Mama- you’re always there
To hold my hand
You give your strength
When I grow weary
You wipe away my tears and I
Know I can lean on you
When I cannot stand

— Karen Camy
(inspired by my mom)

Queen Song

 Shoulders bent & burdened
By the weighty worries of their world
Sad tortured faces wet with tears
Silent sisters filled with fears

As I gaze upon this sea of sisters
My sister soul cries
For those who can shed no tears
Through my songs, my voice speaks
For those who have lost their words
Or who no longer care if they are heard

For all are Jah’s daughters- Zion daughters
For you who have forgotten
Every woman is born a queen
Even more, I sing for those who never knew
Let me show you, once again
Through my thoughts & words & deeds
The Empress that you are
The Queen inside of you

Not every Queen is adorned
In jewels & fancy clothes
Or endowed with many lands and chests of gold
The richest women I know
Own only what they hold
With the love deep in their hearts
That few men know

Life itself is created
And grows within the Queen
Not a single soul is born
Outside her womb
Great is her beauty
This empress of light
Without the mother
All mankind is doomed

Empresses and Queens I pray,
Let no earthly man or woman take away
Your great beauty or your glory
For no matter what your story
Only Jah himself
Is greater than you this day

— Karen Camy

On Courage

A man stands quietly
with a yellow-paper Star of David
pinned to his shirt.
He holds a sign that says
“I am a Muslim
but today I am a Jew.”
I greet him with salaams
and give thanks to Jah
for his quiet act of courage.

– Karen Camy

Karen’s Leaf is located at Angelines.  If you have photos or memories of Karen, please post a comment.

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