Joyce Van Hollebeke 1958—2014

“Born on February 14, 1958 in Canada; she was a First Nations Native American. Joyce spent time with 7 families before she came to live with our great big one, she was only 6 years old at that time. Joyce had a wonderful sense of humor and could always make you laugh. She had an enormous capacity to love, not just people but animals too and was most fond of our Irish setter, Tara.

“As a child she did many chores teaming up with our sister, Mary Jane, on dish duty singing songs together to make the task a little less of a job, most memorable was “California Dreamin” by the Mama’s And the Papa’s. Later in life Joyce suffered from numerous ailments. She also made her own family with neighbors and friends having movie nights at her home. For the last 3 years she lived in St Rose of Lima Apartments in downtown Seattle sharing her life with neighbors who loved her very much. She was happiest back in high school taking culinary arts, playing guitar, and hanging out with her best friends, Diana Peterson and Diane Richie (Van Hollebeke). She is now with our dad, Ralph Van Hollebeke, and others that have gone before her.”

Joyce’s Leaf is at Bakhita Gardens/Noel House. If you have photos or memories to share, please post a comment.

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  • Areej

    Joyce had a heart of absolute gold. I remember she broke down into tears because of the pollution in the oceans killing ocean animals. She was so touched by others’ plight and yet had such a good attitude when talking about her own difficulties. Joyce was one in a million

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