Johnee with his dog, captioned "me and my most loyal best friend"

John “Johnee” Alston Lane 1969–2019

Johnee with his dog Sookie, captioned "me and my most loyal best friend"
Johnee and his “most loyal best friend” Sookie


Johnee was born June 6, 1969. He died January 9, 2019 in Volunteer Park. John hung out at Cal Anderson Park; there’s a bench with his name on it there (in marker).

Johnee’s Leaf is at All Pilgrims Church. If you have photos or memories of Johnee, please post a comment.

John "Johnee" Lane's Leaf

Featured Leaf June 2020


  • Elaine Simons

    Thinking of my friend Johnee Lane and Sookie’s human companion for over 11 years. On the eve of your death I am in deep reflection about the generous and kind man you were. You are missed by many. Rest assure Sookies retirement is going well. She has adjusted in my home. I am so happy she was by your side in your tent what a true companion.
    On Saturday will be her and mine year anniversary of her adoption.
    John Alston Lane aka scumf*^k Johnee Lane
    June 6th,1969 – January 09, 2019
    RIP-Rest in Power

    • Joshua Gonzalez

      I miss him so much but I know what he’d say if he knew i was crying right now. Most likely a big bear hug and some words of encouragement; he always knew how to cheer anyone up.

  • Francisco Leif DeLeon

    I remember the man. We only talked on brief occasion. But he was a good guy: journey well old dog until then save me a beer

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