Jason and his mom

Jason Butcher 1972—2023

July 1972-January 2023

Women in Black stood vigil for Jason February 8, 2023.

From his mother,  Patricia:
Jason was a person that had a great sense of humor, sensitive to other people’s needs.
His life took a turn for the worst later in life that impacted the rest of his life forever. Throughout this time that basically ruined the rest of his life, he was loved by many family members. He seeked God deeper to give him strength but in the end, Accidental use of fentanyl got the best of him.
I love you Son,

Jason’s Leaf is at Lake City Mini Park. If you have photos or memories to share, please post a comment.

(Photo above is of Jason and his mother Patricia)

Photo gallery below from Jason’s mother Patricia

Featured Leaf September 2023


  • Pam

    We remember Jason as a toddler who was already an independent thinker and wanted to be in the middle of the action. As an adult, he was a hard worker, ready to take any job, no matter how physically demanding. He took the lead to cook for family parties and at church gatherings. He was physically commanding, but a friendly and gentle soul. He will be remembered for his lively, positive nature. Pam and Bill

  • Patricia Moilan

    I am the Mother of Jason and heartbroken to have lost him. Losing your child no matter what age, is the hardest thing to endure.
    He was a caring person in many ways and sometimes too sensitive but that was the beautiful thing about him.
    Jason as an adult back in 2018 wanted to be baptized showing his Faith in the Lord.
    I know he tried his hardest towards the end of his life and struggled. I miss him so much everyday but knowing we will be together again in peace with the Lord gives me comfort.

  • Sierra

    I remember once walking along a river with Jason when he found a tangle of fishing line. He decided that he would untangle it, put it on a stick and catch a trout. I had little confidence in his plan but, had no reason to not let him try. He was so excited when he pulled his fish out of the water. We laughed at how great it was to have a plan and success! He was always hopeful and believed in his abilities. He was funny and outgoing. He deserved better than he got. Thank you to all the people who loved him and added positive support. I did the best I knew to do. I’m sorry and sad that I couldn’t help him.

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