Francisco “Frank” Granado, 1960—2014

Frank Granado
Photo courtesy of DESC

From Frank’s friend Tarja:

Frank was born 12/12/1960, in Texas. He was homeless at the time of his death on 4/11/2014.  After living in several cities and states across US Frank came to Seattle in early 2002, staying first at a downtown shelter. We have been friends ever since. He straightened his life around and got a good job and housing.

He was a respectful, very compassionate, generous, funny, loving and caring man, with a great sense of humor. He could make everybody laugh so easily. He was constantly helping anybody in need, sharing from his possessions, giving a shirt from his back, money from his wallet.  Cutting older people’s grass, did shopping for old and disabled people in neighborhoods he lived in, giving them rides when he still had his car.

Life was good for Frank a few years until he developed some bad health issues. Once the color on his face disappeared in spots, so did his job, and life became a struggle for him.  He started to run into problems and moved across the country for about a year to escape.  But he loved Seattle so much, he always said that he’s been and lived everywhere in US, but Seattle is the most beautiful place on earth.

So he couldn’t stay away long this time either. He stayed again in all the downtown shelters, in the Jungle, under the bridges and on street, meanwhile trying to find housing.  Getting sick in cold and rain, not being successful finding transitional housing, it got too much for him and he escaped to drinking and using.  At time of his death he was drinking in downtown Tacoma, ended up in hospital and died half a day later of sepsis.

He did a lot of good in his life to me and other people, I’m privileged to have been his friend and miss him every day   ~Tarja

Frank’s Leaf is at DESC (Downtown Emergency Service Center).  If you have photos or memories of Frank, please share a comment.

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