Eva Washington, 1932—2011

Eva Washington and Mark Slye
Eva with Mark Slye, at God’s Li’l Acre
Photo courtesy of the Seattle Mennonite Church

After coming to God’s Li’l Acre for a couple of years, as a quite elderly woman, Eva was invited to move into the home of one of the center’s volunteers.  She lived with this family until her peaceful passing two years later on December 11, 2011.

There was nothing fancy about the ‘housing’ program, just a family who made a connection with Eva and were family to her in her last years.

Leaf with stone
Eva Washington’s Leaf of Remembrance

Eva is warmly remembered by many at God’s Li’l Acre for colorful clothing and a huge heart, and named “Mama of the Park.”

Eva’s Leaf is at the Seattle Mennonite Church in Lake City.  If you have memories of Eva to share, please post a comment.

Featured Leaf July 2012



  • Marianne Brown

    Eva: I was very concerned when your PO Box No no longer existed. I am now experiencing a mixture of sorrow because of your departure from this earth. But also jubilation knowing that your are in the peaceful realm of our heavely father. Your concern and most valuable information you passed on to me when I was a young girl in Seattle, made it possible to survive in a very cold uncaring environment. Rest in Peace Eva and thank you for being in my life.


  • Geoff Tallent

    Thank you for your website. It was with great sadness that I recently learned of Eva’s passing.

    Eva was an important part of my family’s life. She and my mother worked together at Boeing in the 1960’s. As kids we would go to her apartment for her excellent cheesecake. She was always very colorful and fun to be around. More than almost anyone, she could draw my mother into lively conversation. As she got older and struggled with homelessness, she would show up at my family’s house for a day or two, use the phone and shower, and sleep under the piano (she felt it was safer). She was very proud in a way that everybody had to respect. Unfortunately that also meant that she refused any more help than the occasional favor. I’m so glad that she found support with your center in her final days. Thank you.

  • Ann-Marie Stillion

    I only knew Eva by the stories she told me as I photographed her and tried to document her life. She could be as wild as a lion in an instant and gentle as a lamb the next. I am glad to hear she found a home “inside” for the last few years of her life She deserved that. Here are more pictures taken of Eva circa 2008-09.




    When she was a girl she ended up with tuberculosis and was sent to recuperate in North Seattle, in Firland Sanatarium. I took her there one day. It is now an empty field. She sat down and began recite Shakespeare, “sweet are the uses of adversity …” Her beautiful voice soaring in the morning sunlight, she told us how that experience was her first real education because a teacher there took her under her wing. What had seemed so terrible became a gift.

    Rest in peace Eva. Your stories will always be with me.

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