Eric Behrens 1960—2022

From Eric’s friend Robert:

I knew Eric Behrens since he was a workaholic in 1990. He never did drugs until around 2014, and I don’t think he ever had a criminal record. His mom is in Port Angeles. He always called her on every single holiday, and visited her once a year on Thanksgiving, until–he told me–he was too embarrassed of his state. There are many pictures and videos of Eric when he was healthy, and happy.

Eric Jordan Behrens came from a military family and traveled all over the world. I last came to bring him clothing, food, and tarps to his campsite in March.

He was doing worse and worse, sleeping alone, and his foot was badly hurting. I told him to go to the E.R.
He just moaned.

Eric was a very good man. Very quiet, and very knowledgeable, very humble. God Bless Eric, and his mom, and brother, and all of his brothers, here on earth.

Photos from Robert:


Eric died of natural causes in Ballard Commons May 2022.

Eric’s Leaf is at Ballard Library. If you have photos or memories to share please post a comment.

Featured Leaf March 2023


  • Karl t behrens

    Eric n I his brother spent many moons flying pan am. We have been around the world three (3) times. We have seen in person many temples. We have seen Mt. Everest in person. Eric was born Portland Oregon then Coral Gables, Florida then Delhi. India then Okinawa then Culpeper, Virginia. He was in the navy for two years. He could not wait to get out. Top secret. He got out of the navy in Seattle where I was living n we lived together for years. Well me n Eric had many awesome times together. For me Seattle was a awesome party city.

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