Danny Peacock 1953–2014

Danny’s Leaf is at St James Cathedral.  If you have photos or memories to share, please post a comment.

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  • Brigid Hagan

    Danny had a strong sense of honor; if he felt that someone he cared about was being disrespected, he did not remain silent. One time, his defense of a friend led to a fight, and a tchotchke belonging to a worker where he stayed was broken. Although Danny did not believe he was at fault in any way, he volunteered to pay to replace it, because he believed that was the honorable thing to do.

    When his friend Santiago went on hospice, he was expected to live another month or so. Danny made it his mission to make sure his friend was cared for, visiting two or three times a week bearing treats. Santiago lived for several months, probably because of the love of his friend.

    There are so many more stories I can think of. I never saw Danny happier than the day his first grandbaby was born, or scareder than the night he learned his family had been in a serious car accident (fortunately everyone came through OK). He took on the role of protector for a more vulnerable guy who was being taken advantage of. It irked him to no end that he couldn’t give more and bigger gifts to the staff where he stayed. His thoughtfulness, kindness, generosity, steadfastness, and sense of honor made everywhere he was a better place. I miss him like crazy.

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