Brandon Jeffrey Mickelson, 1982—2012

From his mother, Dianne Davis-Gates: “Brandon was an extremely bright and shining star whose light burned out way before his time.”  Brandon’s Leaf is at Compass Center. If you have photos or memories to share, please leave a comment.


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  • Charlie

    Brandon was my young cousin who I met too little, too late. But I do know we both loved Hunter Thompson, and he possessed the Thompson energy and spirit. One Christmas, I became lost in the beauty and the precise intricacies of the fabricated intercooler that shimmered in the well of his racing car. It is called full attention to the task. From the TV news and the papers, I was awed by the gusto with which he pursued any and all goods, when he was driven more by need than greed. Maybe this world is too small, too rough to hold its wildest treasures.

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