Arnette Adams, from Mary's Place calendar

Arnette Adams 1948–2019

Arnette Adams, from Mary's Place calendar
Arnette Adams, from Mary’s Place calendar

Arnette Adams was a great soul, widely loved and deeply missed. She stood with Women in Black many times in our early days; here are her powerful words about it, from Desiree Hellegers’ remarkable oral history, No Room of Her Own:

“When I came to [Mary’s Place} I had to get used to people leaving, cause a lot of people die, and I got used to that. It makes me feel proud standing for someone I knew, the ladies I saw pass away. I believe it will make them feel proud [that we] stand for them….Sometimes we pass out those flyers [that] will have [the deceased person’s] name on it, you know, and show the people: ‘You’re here today. Tomorrow you don’t know.’

“When I’m gone, I want people to smile and then have nothing bad to say about me. That’s what I want. That’s what’s driving me forward. My heart goes out to whoever died, and my heart goes out to everyone else, and people who stop because of concern.”

From Desiree Hellegers:

What an incredible soul Arnette was/is. She just radiated love. It was really an honor to work with her to record her life story for No Room of Her Own. Here’s one of my favorite passages from the interview:

“Sometimes I see somebody and see the presence of God, and when I see the Presence, I want to hug them, to get some of that. Street people, lovely people, all kind of people. Theres a lot of kind folks in the world, a lot of kind folks in the world. some of them need a person to start a conversation with them. its a blessing from the one who came from above. He needed somebody to use and he picked me and its a blessing. Sometimes on the bus I think about all the goodness he bestowed upon me and i thank God.”

You couldn’t help but believe in the essential goodness of the world when you were in Arnette’s presence.


Arnette Adams with friend

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  • Max White

    Great book (No Room of Her Own) and a Great Spirit I felt I knew through Desiree’s book. I hope I am as graceful when my time comes.

  • loretta

    I’m sitting at work and like always I think of my momma everyday so I googled my mom name and leaves of remembrance came up and a beautiful picture of my mom I started crying I miss her like crazy .

  • your daughter Loretta

    today is July 15 2020 momma I miss you so much words can’t even explain I just sit at work and cry thinking about you when you left it broke me to pieces and its still hard to believe your not here but you left me with a strong presence of you I love and you momma until we meet again

  • Robin

    What a beautiful soul. I am glad that she can be memorialized and remembered for her grace and beautiful smile. So very sorry for your loss Loretta, I wish you well.

  • loretta pierce

    today 2/22/2021 there is never a day goes by that i don’t think of you mom.I love and miss you tremendously and somedays are harder than others.I keep close you close to my heart.And i feel yor remarkably presence around me all the time thats why the energy is so comforting knowing your my angel Loving my Momma forever From Your Oldest Daughter Loretta

  • Loretta


  • Daughter Loretta

    Two more days it’s your Birthday Momma I miss you so so much I have know one to talk to about anything Things haven’t been the same.

    • annette hill

      Ur mom was a beautiful lady with a lovely smile she watching over u stay strong ur memories will last u forever……Happy Heavenly day

  • Daughter Loretta

    3/10/21 Words can’t express what im feeling Two more days and it’s your Birtday Momma This will be my second Birthday without your Body precence.But I feel you Momma your beautiful smile words,wisdom,and strentgh and beauty keeps me going ooh weeee Your My Angel

  • Your Friend

    Arnette had a beautiful soul.She touched everyone she was around .I truly miss her smile.Just a wonderful person

  • Samantha Adams

    Happy late birthday! Miss Arnette was always the light of the room. Her loving personality would make you feel like you were on top of the world! She always made you smile and she accepted everyone. We may have not had as much time together as I would’ve liked but even a second in her presence was amazing and you will never forget her. She was a wonderful woman and I cherish the moments I have! We love and miss you ❤️

  • Loretta

    Momma as you know i got some family together and we released balloons for your 73rd birthday and had a little fish Frye sure would have been Beautiful to hold you and just to see you and give you a big big big HUG and tell you How Much I Miss My Momma Love you Always and Forever 00000000000WEEEEEEEEEE

  • Number one fan Loretta your daughter

    I love you momma it’s been almost Two Years still seems like yesterday ooooohweeeeeeee I miss you like crazy and there is not a day that goes by I don’t think of you XOXOXOXOXO always and forever

  • Loretta

    hey Momma just sitting here thinking about you like always this year made two years. Still hard to believe.this year instead of releasing balloons i was sitting in the hospital with a 200/70 blood presure thinking about you .Momma i miss you so much always and forever from your daughter Loretta

  • loretta

    hey momma sitting here spaced out I miss you so much its one of those days Im feeling alone I know there is no one like your mother I mean no one .As i sit here and reminice on your strenght and beauty keeps a smile on face and know i am your daughter love you momma

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