Anna Tomahawk Tailfeathers 1959-2021

From Anna’s daughter, Kelly Ann:

“When I found out she passed away on Facebook, I was really hoping she had made the post & it wasn’t real. If you knew her I think you’d agree that’s something she would do. She was only 61 years old, she couldn’t be gone. She just couldn’t be. She’s my mother and I need her here. But it wasn’t fake. She’s really gone. Those who knew Her, I’m sure will always remember her. I’m also pretty sure that if you knew her she made you laugh, made you mad, made you love her, made you cry & made you laugh again. All in one day. She was a character, in the best of ways. She was so quick witted it was amazing. She invented ‘not having a filter’. She never minced her words. Biting her tongue was not something she did & it’s one of many traits I’m proud to have inherited. As her first born, we shared a lot of traits. I look, talk and act just like her. Her spicy attitude, small but mighty demeanor, the fact she didn’t take s**t from anyone (pardon the language. She would’ve sworn five times already lol). Many traits I didn’t get were her musical and singing talents. Her artwork. Her strength. She was one tough lady. She faced a lot of adversities throughout her life. Too many. I feel she never got a fair shot at life. The cards were stacked against her from the beginning. She found the family & freedom on the streets that she never got at home and during her youth. Several years ago I asked her to move to Ohio to live with me- she declined. Seattle was her home and she lived on her own terms. She was bold. Never fake. If she didn’t like you- you knew it. And if she loved you- she never hid it. She’d do anything for the ones she loved. And she loved her 3 daughters so much that she did the most unselfish and difficult thing for a mother to do. She let us be raised by people she felt would be better parents. To passers by she was likely just seen as another faceless person. But she had a face and she had a name. Her name was Anna. She was beautiful. She was my mother and I miss her terribly. Think of her this fall when the leaves change colors and fall from the trees. Think of her when the streets are snowy and full of slush. Think of her when you feel defeated and know that she is up there wishing the best for you and probably telling you to get up and quit being a baby. Please think of her often.”

Anna’s Leaf is placed at Lake City Mini Park. If you have photos or memories to share please post a comment.

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  • Kelly A.

    I am the first of three daughters Anna gave birth to. We all have her looks and her sass. I found her the day after Christmas in 2010. We weren’t done getting to know each other & I miss her more than any words can show.

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