Alisha Pillman 1992-2021

From Alisha’s friend Rachelle: “I just found out from your post on Facebook [Homeless Remembrance Project on Facebook] that my friend Alisha Pillman passed away in February 2021.  Her birthday was April 13, 1992 and she died on February 2, 2021.  I would like for her to be remembered with a Leaf.  She was homeless in Seattle and Portland over the years.

Alisha was QWOC [Queer Woman of Color] and I would like her Leaf to be on Capitol Hill, in a queer space.  I really appreciate that you do this work.  I was sad to find out through a google search and FB post, but the nagging feeling that she was gone has been confirmed and I can grieve.  I was upset that she was cremated and no services for her.  She was a kind-hearted person full of creativity.  I still have some of her art from when she was a kid. Thank you again.”

Alisha’s Leaf is at All Pilgrims Church (laid on August 27, 2021).  If you have photos or memories to share, please post a comment.

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