Alicia Nickerson

Alicia Michelle Nickerson, 1985—2016

Alicia’s Leaf will be Blessed and Installed at Ballard Commons Park on May 21, 2017. If you have photos or memories of Alicia, please post a comment.

Photos courtesy of Eriq Catudio.


Featured Leaf May 2017

This photo courtesy of Bobby Deen


  • Eriq

    I have some photos of Alicia. We only got a year together, but she’ll be in my heart and I’ll carry my memories of her for the rest of my life.

  • LeafAdmin

    Eriq, thank you for posting, and our condolences on your loss. If you were to send along those photos (to we could post them here so that others could get a better picture of your beloved Alicia.

  • Mary

    Didnt know Alicia super well but she was one of the nicest people ive ever met and always kind to everyone. I know she had a son so hopefully someone could post how to donate $ for his well being if possible.

  • Joel Symons

    This girl was my heart and soul I miss her forever at least I love you I know you’re looking down on me and I’m looking up to you. Will be together soon baby.

  • Jordan

    Hi my sweet Angel, I love you so much and have grown up by now I wish I could share the memories I’ve created with you. One day we will be together again. Your the most amazing sister I could have asked for.

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