• Missing our Leaves?

    It’s autumn already, and the leaves are starting to fall. The Homeless Remembrance Project’s Leaves of Remembrance are scattered in Seattle sidewalks, and our unique public memorial is needed more than ever. But, while the number of homeless deaths is heartbreakingly on the rise, due to the pandemic, we were unable to dedicate and place beautiful bronze Leaves of Remembrance this past season. We’re creating an ambitious work plan for new Leaves in new and old locations in 2021, and we’re grateful for your patience, solidarity and support.

  • Robert Hansen with Real Change

    Leaf Re-Dedication June 11, 2019

    At 3 PM Tuesday, June 11th at the Columbia City PCC (3610 S Edmunds), we’re re-laying and re-dedicating a Leaf of Remembrance for beloved Real Change vendor Robert Hansen. This Dedication has long been in the works, and is a beautiful story: Robert’s Leaf was first laid in 2011 at the Seward Park PCC, where he’d been a much-loved vendor for many years. When the store moved to Columbia City, Robert’s Leaf was requested to move with it! It took us some time to navigate the bureaucratic permitting processes, but we’re very glad now to be able to honor this request for Robert’s Leaf to be placed outside “his” PCC.…

  • Women in Black Vigil February 13, 2019

    WHEEL Women in Black ARE standing vigil from noon to 1 PM TOMORROW (Wednesday, February 13th) outside the Seattle Justice Center at 5th & Cherry. In addition to those whose names we released last week who died in January, we also will be honoring Derek Johnson, 59, who died of hypothermia last Wednesday morning (2/6) at a SODO light rail station. This vigil will be one small, simple act of solidarity and love. Those who wish to stand with us should BUNDLE UP. Those who wish to be in solidarity with the vigil can stand/sit in Seattle City Hall, across the street from the vigil site. As is our tradition, we’ll…

  • Candle


    2018 year-to-date King County deaths outside, or by violence  (We’re grateful to the King County Medical Examiners and Health Care for the Homeless for assistance.) CAUSE OF DEATH: WHO: WHEN: WHERE: NATURAL CAUSES Stanley Krebs, 64 1/2/18 Sammamish NATURAL CAUSES Scott Allerhand, 55 1/2/18 alley/Jackson St MULTIPLE BLUNT FORCE INJURIES Bradford Oling, 63 1/3/18 Shelton/HMC SUICIDE Karim Suleman, 60 1/4/18 Bellevue SHOT TO DEATH Joshua Werner, 27 1/7/18 Edmonds/HMC HEROIN OD Nathan Lavere, 41 1/8/18 1010 Boyleston NATURAL CAUSES Christopher Jewell, 56 1/10/18 501—2nd Ave W MULTIPLE BLUNT FORCE INJURIES Aaron Johnson, 31 1/14/18 Shilshole HEROIN OD Kevin Browder, 28 1/15/18 400 Broad METH OD Alex Norton, 39 1/15/18 6th/S…