• City Hall Vigil and Dedication 10-13-21

    Years ago, a Homeless Remembrance Project member/architect told us the water elements outside the Seattle Justice Center, down through City Hall, and to the then-planned Public Safety Building Civic Plaza were meant to symbolize the waters of justice, perhaps after Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech (and Amos:5): “No, no, we are not satisfied, and will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.” Yesterday, WHEEL, Women in Black, the Homeless Remembrance Project, and many friends, family members, faith community leaders and supporters stood vigil. We then travelled upriver through City Hall–from Fourth Avenue to our former vigil site on Fifth–blessing and…

  • Laten Arnold Jenkins, Jr 1981–2020

    Laten slept for years outside the Seattle Medical-Dental Building and was known and beloved by many who worked there, who requested a Leaf be placed for him where he slept.  His Leaf was dedicated on October 22, 2021 and laid on April 6, 2022. Laten’s brother Lawrence said of him, “Laten was a loving, honest, caring, funny, brilliant, yet simple man. He was a son, a big brother, a cousin, and an uncle. He was dearly loved and will be deeply missed” and more in his eulogy at Seattle Emerald. If you have photos or memories of Laten, please post a comment.  

  • Colin Manderson 1961-2021

    Colin was born August 25, 1961. He passed away in his apartment bed at Plymouth Housing on 2nd and Stewart on March 9, 2021. From his friend Tim Reilly: “Colin was a long-time survivor of street and shelter living here in Seattle. There is not likely a single senior service center in town that would not recognize him. Most poignantly, he was estranged from his son Reece from age 2-33. Reece reappeared in his life about 1 year before passing on the streets of Seattle. Having Reece remembered with one of your leaves was a triumphant consolation to him. It is his picture on your site holding the leaf of…

  • Mohamed Hersi 1986–2021

    Mohamed died March 24, 2021 at City Hall Park. Women in Black stood vigil for him on April 21st. Mohamed’s Leaf is on the 4th Avenue side of Seattle City Hall. If you have memories or photos of Mohamed, please post a comment. 7

  • David Milton Pledger 1967–2020

    David died April 18, 2020 at 420 4th Avenue. Women in Black stood vigil for him. David’s Leaf is on the 4th Avenue side of Seattle City Hall. If you have memories or photos of David, please post a comment.  

  • Erick Lee Dunn 1970–2020

    Erick died June 4, 2020 at 4th Avenue and Jefferson Street. Women in Black stood vigil for him. Erick’s Leaf is on the 4th Avenue side of Seattle City Hall. If you have memories or photos of Erick, please post a comment.  

  • Teddy Werre 1951—2020

    Teddy died of hypothermia April 29, 2020 at Harborview Medical Center. Women in Black stood vigil for him. Teddy’s Leaf is on the 4th Avenue side of Seattle City Hall. If you have memories or photos of Teddy, please post a comment.  

  • Lacresha Bolar 1987–2020

    Lacresha died under the 4th Avenue South bridge on December 5, 2020. She was beloved at Angeline’s and many other places. Women in Black stood vigil for Lacresha on December 30, 2020. From Lisa Kelly: “Lacresha spent much of her childhood in the foster care system where she was separated from her siblings who she loved very much. She also loved her mother and her daughter who was born while she was in the foster care system. She fought hard to be with and visit her siblings, taking her case manager to the Washington Court of Appeals. She fought hard to keep custody of her daughter. She fought hard out…

  • Dominic Madura 1992–2020

    Dominic Lee Madura died at 27, at 10th Avenue S & S Lane Street. Dominic’s father stood with us in the Women in Black vigil for Dominic on September 9, 2020. Dominic’s Leaf is on the 4th Avenue side of Seattle City Hall. If you have memories or photos of Dominic, please post a comment.

  • Andrew Busch 1985–2020

    Andrew died September 1, 2020, in an encampment fire at 7th and Seneca. Women in Black held a vigil for Andrew, and one of his friends later posted this eulogy on our Facebook page: Dec’lan-Amadeus Colburn I: Rest in peace, Andrew Josef Busch. 35 is too young. There doesn’t seem to be an obituary out there so I’ll do my best to honor a special person. In mid-2007, I moved from Boise, ID to the Seattle area with a girlfriend. As young love often does, we quickly parted ways and I didn’t know where I was going to live. Luckily, I met a cool dude named Andrew that worked at…