• Debbie Cashio, 1959—2000

    Our very first WHEEL/Women In Black vigil was for Debbie Cashio.  In late May, 2000, we were heartbroken to learn that her body had been found in the “Jungle” greenbelt near 8th and Jackson.  After our vigil, Women In Black did a cleansing ritual at the site.  The Seattle Police Department classified her death as “suspicious” until her murderer was found, and convicted, five years later. Standing in silent meditation at WHEEL’s first Women in Black vigil, I had a strong clear vision of Debbie Cashio, whom I did not know, in a sunlit kitchen, in a farmhouse, happy. Long after the vigil I learned Debbie had grown up and had a happy childhood in a…

  • Ali Daneshi’far (“Al Farr”), 1959—2009

    Al lived at Tent City 3 before moving to Nickelsville. He was a good friend to everyone in camp. He had been a taxi and limo driver at one time, and owned his own painting company before hard times hit him. He loved his daughter and son, Nicole and Alex. Al’s Leaf is placed at the Seattle Justice Center. If you have stories or memories to share about Al please post a comment.

  • Robert Kotopka, 1942—2004

    Robert Kotopka’s Leaf is placed at the Seattle Justice Center. If you have stories or memories to share about Robert please post a comment.  

  • Isaac Palmer, 1945—2007

    Isaac Palmer died in June, 2007, when he was run over by brush mowers while he slept under I-5 near Massachusetts. A friend says, “You shared your camp with me. Thank you. You will be in our hearts and thoughts always. Still people talk of you. God bless you, rest Brother.” Isaac was also known as “Sonny.” Isaac’s Leaf is installed at the Seattle Justice Center. If you have stories or memories of Isaac/Sonny please post a comment. Featured Leaf June 2013

  • Sandra Lee Smiscon, 1958—2003

    Sandra Lee was shot to death under a bridge at 4th and Yesler. Her murder was never solved. Sandra’s Leaf is installed at the Seattle Justice Center.  If you have stories or memories to share about Sandra please post in the comments.   From the Yakima Herald: Back into focus: Yakama man pieces together identity of slain mother with faded memories and old photos

  • Seattle Justice Center (600 5th Ave.)

    Leaves placed October 18, 2011 Debbie Cashio: 1959—2000 Sandra Lee Smiscon: 1958—2003 Davina Garrison: 1963—2005 Colette Fleming: 1951—2002 Melissa Davis: 1976—2006 Michael Lindsay: 1958—2009 Major Lee Gay: 1957—2008 Rebekah Woods: 1965—2009 Tattoo Joe Gaerte: 1976—2006 Robert Kotopka: 1942—2004 Clinton Matthew Ray: 1965—2004 Ali Danishi’far (Al Farr): 1959—2009 Isaac Palmer: 1945—2007 Leaves placed September 11, 2013 Kathryn Ann “Kathy” Blair: 1952—2013 Vernon “Vern” Lindsay: 1952—2013 Bear: ?—2009 Jeanine Whorton: 1967—2013 Leaves placed September 24, 2014 Daryl Ford: 1964—2014 Leaves placed September 12, 2018 Annelise Harrison: 1986—2015 Michael Wurtz: 1940—2014 Gerald Lyle Peters: 1957—2007 Sabrina Tate: 1990—2018 Leaves placed September 11, 2019: Reece Manderson 1985–2019 Noel Gaitho 1982–2019 Brandon Scott Parrish 1984–2019 John Logan 1968–2015 Scott Allerhand 1962–2018 Leaves placed October 13, 2021: Colin Manderson 1961-2021