Map of Leaf Locations

Seattle Locations: As if August 17, 2011, we have 15 Leaves of Remembrance at  Noel House/Bakhita Gardens at 2nd Avenue & Bell Street; 15 Leaves at Angeline’s/Opportunity Place on 3rd Avenue, between Virginia & Lenora; and 11 Leaves at the Family & Adult Service Center, located across the street from Angeline’s. On September 18th we will be placing a Leaf in Seward Park.

Belltown Area Map:

3 Belltown locations

Noel House Location:

Noel House Location
Noel House/Bakhita Gardens

Angeline’s Location:

Map location of Angeline's
Angeline's, 2024 3rd Ave, Seattle WA

FASC Location:

Family & Adult Service Center map location
Family & Adult Service Center, 2015 Ave 3rd Ave, Seattle